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Precautions for choosing a 150w led tunnel light

In the tunnel, it is necessary to install the corresponding tunnel lights. Otherwise, there will be great dangers to and from the vehicles. Of course, when choosing the lamps, the most suitable tunnel lights can be used to produce very good illumination. Then choose the 150w led tunnel lights. What do you need to pay attention to?

First of all, you need to understand how robust it is, because the 150w led tunnel light needs to be installed in the tunnel. If it is not strong enough, it will not be cracked or peeled off for a long time, and the safety of the passing vehicles. Certainly there is also a very big danger, which may lead to a car accident. Therefore, when purchasing 150w led tunnel lights, be sure to understand the fixedness of 150w led tunnel lights? If the fix is not good, there is no need to choose such a 150wled tunnel light.

Secondly, when purchasing a 150w led broken lamp, it is necessary to understand its light effect. The tunnel lighting has high requirements on the light efficiency of the lamp. If the light effect is not enough, the light decay is large, the lighting effect is not good, and the light in the tunnel is not bright enough. It will affect the sight of passing vehicle drivers. Therefore, it is very important for the tunnel lighting to be effective. When choosing a luminaire, you need to choose a regular brand, such as Lebekan, the quality of the luminaire is more guaranteed.




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