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LED plant growth lights help American farms boost production

Compared with traditional light sources, LED has the advantages of high efficiency and long life in plant lighting applications. In recent years, its market size has gradually grown, and the rise of vertical farms has been promoted.

A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, many of the top indoor farms in the United States, from the floor to the ceiling are full of plants. They are working hard to increase production and can now supply hundreds of stores.

Plenty, Bowery, Aerofarms and 80 Acres Farms are optimistic about the future of salad vegetables and other agricultural products.

They say that custom, controlled lighting produces crops that are more delicious than those grown in the sun, and that are nearly 95% less water than traditional farms, requiring little land and no pesticides. Since vertical farms can exist in windowless buildings in the city center, the products do not have to be shipped to the store by truck.

The expansion of these companies coincides with the burger makers Beyond Meat Inc and Impossible Foods attracting investors and entering high-end restaurants and fast food chains.

However, considering whether a large amount of upfront investment and costs, vertical farms can compete with farms grown in the field, remains a problem.

Agricultural technology investor Michael Rose said that vertical sunless farms will cost more to operate than modern solar greenhouses that rely on sunlight and LEDs. He believes that vertical farms make sense for areas with limited land, such as the Middle East, where most of the food is imported or oversized.

However, it is undeniable that vertical farms are emerging and the world is paying attention. For example, in July 2017, Plenty received $200 million in financing from investors such as Softbank and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos; Bowery received $95 million in fundraising from Google Ventures and Temasek last year.




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