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15 Subway Stations in Washington are upgraded to LED Lighting

In less than six months, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit authority installed new rail lighting systems at 15 subway stations, increasing their brightness by an average of six times – for years Part of the most advanced and energy efficient LED lighting project. The new lighting infrastructure increases visibility and security while halving energy consumption and reducing maintenance requirements.

In the next 30 months, all 48 subway stations will be upgraded to LED systems.

It is reported that the Authority has installed new LED projection lights at the following 15 stations: Union Station, Courthouse, Rosslyn, Mist Foundation, McPherson Square, Faragusi, Federal Triangle, Bethesda, U Street, Columbia Heights, Archives, Waterfront, L Enfant Square (upper level), Metro Center (lower level) and Gallery Square (next floor).

After installing a new light, the brightness of each station is increased by 3 to 9 times. The installation of new towers and wall lights is in progress and once completed, the platform is expected to be brighter.

The lighting design of the Washington Metro has been illuminated upwards through the roof, allowing for uniform lighting in the station. Although the subway station is not bright, the soft lighting of the floodlights makes it easy for passengers to see the train information (the line name and color of the subway train are displayed with LED lights on the head of the train).

In addition, the Washington Metro station uses a large-span arched column-free station design to provide a wider view of the passengers, and all stations are designed with a long platform that is 600 feet (1 foot to 0.3 m) long. Since there are almost no cables on the side and top of the tunnel, the difficulty and cost of maintenance of the station is reduced.

11 stations will be upgraded in the first half of 2019: Crystal City, Pentagon City, Pentagon, Naval Shipyard, Anacostia, Wheaton, Glenmont, Congress Heights, Farragut North, Metro Center (Upper) and Gallery Place (upper level).




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