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You're May Using Wrong of the LED Flood Light Fixtures

Many people believe that the brighter your outdoor lighting is, the better your outdoor lighting is. Actually this isn't the case. Highlighting trees, shrubs, and flower beds doesn't take as much light as you may expect, only about 1000 Lumens at the most. Larger fixtures with brighter outputs are better for illuminating entrances or entire lawns or sport filed. If you need to light up large spaces, like a sports arena, check out our commercial led flood light fixtures.

Be sure to evenly space out your lights, please not too far apart and not too close. Installing your lights too far apart can cause dark areas and shadows throughout your lighting design. Placing them too close together can cause unnecessary glare and overly bright areas. Having uniform lighting is incredibly important not only aesthetically, but when it comes to security. Bright or dark spots, or high-contrast areas, can make it more difficult to see at night especially for driving is not safe and for camera is not good.

If you're using a remote with your LED flood lights, you may have some issues getting it to work perfectly all the time. Radio frequency (RF) remotes can operate through wall and furniture, but can experience interference if it's on the same frequency as nearby electronics. Infrared (IR) remotes don't have to deal with electronic interference, but they cannot work through walls and must have line-of-sight with the fixture.

If you're not sure which fixture best meets your lighting needs, let our expert in-house staff assist you (www.lebekan.com whatsapp:+8613554115609) and answer any questions!




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