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How public lighting works?

Currently, there are many who think that the public light of cities or street lighting is controlled by a person. It is believed that an employee arrived at 6 pm approximately activates a thermal key to turn on the public lights of the towns or cities, in the same way this person arrived at 6 in the morning again deactivates the thermo magnetic key to turn off the light from the streets

In this post we tell you, that the public lighting is activated and deactivated notby people, but by electronic devices installed in a strategic points of each city. We are talking about the Photo cell also known as Photocell sensor. It is a device that acts by the changes of the light, it can activate or deactivate circuits during the day and at night. More easy and convenient.

This photocell contains in its internal circuit a resistor called LDR (Light Dependent Resistance). This resistance is responsible for performing such work.

Use the device replace labor to control the lamp, it not only more accurate, also could save lots of the labor cost. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate contact Lebekan for details.




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