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The largest lantern festival in North America!

On December 6th, Eastern Time, the largest colorful lantern event in North America, the "Hello Panda Festival", officially opened at the New York landmark Citi Field. According to reports, the "Carnival of the World" carnival project invested 10 million U.S. dollars by transforming the traditional lantern technology in Zigong, Sichuan, China, and raising its cultural connotation and aesthetic value to a new level.

The "Chinese lanterns in the world" carnival zone has 6 themed landscape areas, 120 sets of beautifully crafted lanterns, and 5 giant tents for various indoor activities, including World Food Festival, live performances, contemporary art exhibitions, Relic displays, cultural and creative products, children's entertainment, etc., will continue from December 6, 2019 to January 26, 2020. We look forward to creating a dreamlike, amused theme park for New Yorkers and Christmas , New Year, Chinese New Year holidays are the most attractive items for the whole family to travel.

Six themes create a diverse garden experience
Entering the Hello Panda Festival means starting an extraordinary ride experience. The giant "Hello Panda" lantern at the gate of the park, the 30-meter-long kaleidoscope channel, and the music lantern "Blue Love" will make visitors feel the joy of the festival in the colorful landscape. The 18-meter-high Christmas tree lights not only set a new height record, but also created a technological Christmas tree with the appearance of video playback.

The three themed areas of "Dinosaur World", "Sea World" and "Jungle Animals" in the exploration area are not enough for children to play. "Back to Childhood" themed music interactive area provides a series of wonderful colorful lantern landscapes and game experiences for big friends and children. Show your dancing talents on the colorful lantern screen of "Dancing Young Panda Floor", "Bicycle Interaction "The theme is to generate electricity by four people.

Of course, the most popular ones are the cute pandas. Each area has pandas with different postures, large panda lights for playing baseball, and a 40-meter-long "bouncing ring panda" in the Panda Paradise light group. Take photos with dozens of FRP panda dolls that can be seated and puppets that appear from time to time.

The picture shows a panda lantern playing baseball in the carnival park. Picture source: Beijing Weekly News
Warm and comfortable interior space to experience multicultural world
Five giant tents are set up in the Hello Panda Festival to bring visitors a perfect indoor activity experience in the cold winter.
In the World Food Tent, we serve flavors from China, America, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, and the Mediterranean. The performing arts tent has 50 groups of music, dance, acrobatics and other wonderful programs brought by performance groups around the world, and there will be live DJs to light the atmosphere.

New York is the capital of contemporary art, and audiences should appreciate the taste. The contemporary art exhibition tent brings together the works of eight leading domestic and foreign contemporary art artists. Including the two categories of physical objects and images, the tent dome will play films in different time periods, and the physical artwork and changing light and shadow in the space vision field will constitute an immersive exhibition experience. There will also be live lectures and workshops during the exhibition.

Chinese non-heritage exhibition tents display and sell Chinese non-heritage products, such as paper cutting, clay sculptures, sugar paintings, embroidery, etc., as well as classical arts, such as calligraphy, painting and jade carving. The non-heritage performance team is made up of Chinese non-heritage artists, who have visited cultures and exchanges in different countries and regions many times. Visitors can feel the fun of making Chinese culture and folk crafts in exquisite handicrafts. In addition, the Forbidden City's Cultural Innovation, which is famous for launching a large number of critically acclaimed products in recent years, has also settled here.




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