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When Choose LED High Bay lights need to pay attention to what matters?

The LED ore lamp is used in factories or warehouses. This kind of thing can illuminate the warehouse space and satisfy the workers' demand for lighting. LED industrial and mining lamps use a special range, but also to ensure that their lamps have good corrosion resistance. So how do different types of mining lamps should be purchased?

A. The choice of the power size of the LED high bay lamp; be sure to choose the suitable power lamp according to the size of the space of the lamp you are installing. It is not that you can buy anything if you like it. If the power is relatively small, So the brightness is not bright enough to affect the work of the workers.

B.. LED brand of high bay light; nowadays there are so many different brands of LED high bay lights, users must consider the safety of the lamps when selecting, it is best to choose some lamps produced by well-known manufacturers Lebekan mining lamp, due to the special nature of the use of the environment must ensure that the lamp has the certification of explosion-proof.

C. LED high bay lamp price selection; do not want to be cheap, although the shape of the lamps are similar, but in the process of using it will bring you a variety of troubles, do not buy some low-cost industrial and mining Use the lamp, otherwise there may be some safety accidents during the process of use.

D. During the process of use, it is best not to turn on or off the LED high bay lamp frequently. The local part of the lamp is subjected to excessive current, which will affect the service life of the lamp.




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