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The first city in Latin America, the Latin American capital, to achieve full coverage of LED public lighting

According to local media reports, as of the beginning of this month, the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires has completed the city's public lighting energy-saving renovation project, the first to become the first city in Latin America to use LED energy-saving lamps.

At present, all 160,000 street lights and landscape lights in Buenos Aires have been replaced with LED lights. The annual public electricity consumption will be reduced by 50%, and the annual average electricity saving will be 85,000 kWh. It is equivalent to reducing emissions by about 44,000 tons of carbon dioxide. At the same time, 30% of public lighting maintenance costs will be saved each year.

In addition, the renovation project also includes the establishment of a municipal LED light intelligent management system, remote monitoring of the city's public lighting in real time by the computer system of the control center.




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