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Devon, UK plans to switch all street lights to LEDs, reducing carbon emissions by 75%

According to British media reports, the Devon County Council in the southwest of England passed a resolution to replace all street lights with LEDs in the next three years. Once completed, the street light will reduce carbon emissions by 75%, which is equivalent to a reduction of 8,000 cars on the road.

Since 2015, 34,000 street lights have been converted to low energy LEDs. The remaining 45,000 street lights will be replaced in the next three years.

Renovating only one street lighting would reduce the county's total carbon emissions by 36% and ensure that the government reduced emissions by 45% by 2030.

Cllr Roger Croad, a member of the Devon County Council responsible for the environment, said: "In 2006, our strategic plan set a goal to make Devon the most environmentally friendly county in England."

"We have a long way to go to reduce carbon dioxide levels, but we are making significant progress, and I am very pleased that this program has achieved tangible results."

“Since the policy was first introduced in 2008, through forward-looking planning, we have saved millions of pounds of taxpayer funds and significantly reduced carbon emissions.”

In addition, the Devonshire Council allocated £250,000 to persuade organizations, communities and individuals to take more steps to reduce global warming.




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