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Large-scale warehouses in the United States install LEDs, greatly reducing energy costs and increasing employee safety

According to foreign media reports, Veeco Services is a US-based logistics provider with a warehouse of approximately 570,000 square meters in North Bergen, New Jersey. The warehouse is equipped with 117 unloading doors and more than 34,000 pallet positions. In order to ensure employee safety and company profitability, the company installed new LED lighting and lighting controls, reducing energy consumption by 75%, and saving about 100,000 yuan in lighting maintenance costs in the first year.

In January 2019, an energy management company conducted a lighting review. The results show that current high-intensity discharge LED lamps not only emit poor lighting levels, but also waste energy and have high maintenance costs. In addition, the company upgraded its new racking system at that time, adding more rows and narrow aisles.

After installing the new LED high bay light, the company president stated that the employees were very satisfied with the results.
He said: "We have increased visibility of the warehouse floor, which is critical to improving efficiency and security, and we have significantly reduced energy costs." Development space and further increase employee satisfaction, safety and operational efficiency. For us, this is a huge victory. "

New wireless lighting controls with IoT technology further save energy. Each fixture is equipped with smart sensors connected to an advanced analysis platform. Collect data 65 times per second to monitor environmental and occupancy changes and adjust lighting in real time. The system can also unlock some IoT functions, such as facility mapping and asset tracking.

With the new control system, each luminaire has its own address so that luminaires can be grouped as needed. For example, if an employee is working by an open aisle, the lights in the empty aisle can be activated as a backlight, improving safety and productivity.




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