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Intelligent LED lighting is more favored by the market

According to reports, Ontario Airport in Canada and Wilmington, Delaware, USA have switched to smart LED lighting systems.

Reports show that Ontario International Airport is replacing traditional high-pressure sodium poles in parking lots and driveways, and using LED lighting solutions from SolarMax LEDs (based in California) to provide a better customer experience and The goal of saving energy.

At the same time, the LED luminaires at the Ontario International Airport parking lot have also been upgraded because the new LED poles are equipped with dimming sensors, and when no one is detected in an area for half an hour, the luminaire brightness will be reduced by half.

With the new lighting solution, Ontario International Airport will further save power consumption during low traffic hours while maintaining the minimum level of illumination required by security cameras.

In addition, Wilmington, USA, will work with energy companies to install smart lighting systems throughout the city.

It is reported that the project began in July 2019, and plans to install 215 LED street lights and 50 smart sensors in West Center City, North Market Street and Baynard Boulevard. The ultimate goal is to convert all of the city's 7050 street lights into LED street lights. After the project is completed, the city will save up to $150,000 a year.




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