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LED street lights can replace traditional street lamps with theoretical basis

Since its launch the LED street lights have been warmly welcomed by people, and its unique advantages are the main reason people love.

After the LED street lights were promoted, the development of LED street lamps continued to rise. Many urban roads used LED street lights. It is obvious that LED street lights are popular. Is the advantage of using LED street lamps the same as traditional street lamps? Which of these two advantages is better? According to the development of LED street lights, LED street lights can replace the use of traditional street lamps. LED street lamps use less electricity and consume less energy than traditional street lamps. Unlike traditional street lamps, LED street lamps are energy-saving street lamps. A common LED 20W street lamp is equivalent to 300W or more of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps. In terms of the amount of electricity used in terms of electricity, LED energy-saving street lamps use only one-third of the electricity used in ordinary incandescent lamps.

After the LED street lights are installed, the annual electricity cost will be nearly two million, which will reduce the energy consumption of the whole city by a few million kWh. Therefore, the government attaches great importance to LED street lights. The strong support of the policy has certain theoretical support and can replace the use of traditional street lamps.




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