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Solar street lights achieve ideal control of urban street lights

Street lights are an important indicator of urban modernization. However, street lights systems across the country suffer from backward modernization, more safety hazards, and difficult maintenance and management. It severely restricts the development of urban street lights. At present, street lights are controlled by manual, light and clock control methods. Affected by seasonal, weather and human factors, the level of automated management is low, often when it should be on but not on, and when it should be off, it is extremely easy to cause great energy waste and increase financial burden. However, the use of solar street lights can greatly improve the control efficiency and shorten the repair time, effectively improve work efficiency, and save manpower, material and financial resources.

The solar lighting street light system realizes ideal control, automatic monitoring and operation management of urban street lights, and improves the city's brand image for the level of lighting control and management. The conventional black and blue control switch is used to illuminate solar street lights. In special circumstances, the switch can be remotely controlled and the switch time can be adjusted. This not only saves manpower, but also reduces energy waste caused by inaccurate switching.
The activation of the solar street light management system will greatly add new vitality to the construction and management of street lights, at the same time strengthen the monitoring and management of street light anti-theft facilities, and push the city's road lighting control energy saving control and automatic management to intelligent and energy-saving Environmental protection.




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