Up Down LED wall light

Hot selling more lens up down outdoor led wall light, it not only has the single color, also could choose the rgb color, The choice of diversification, let your adornment design more follow one's inclinations.

  • Model: EC-LOWQ

whatsapp ID:+13296622927whatsapp ID:+13296622927whatsapp ID:+13296622927whatsapp ID:+13296622927

Product name:Up and Down Outdoor LED Wall Light
Luminous effieiency:90-120LM/W
Color Temperatures:2700-6500K
Shell Color:Black/White
IP Rating:IP65
Ra :  >80
Application:Hotel,Living room, bedroom, aisle, wall etc
Work temperature:(-20°~+60°)
Certificates:CE ROHS


whatsapp ID:+13296622927whatsapp ID:+13296622927