• The difference between Led street lights and ordinary street lights

    The led street lights has more advantages than the ordinary street lamp, not only more brighter and has a good lighting effect, also have a more longer service life and saving electricity fee.

    2020/05/27 lebekan 2

  • Solar panel installation orientation

    Solar panel installation orientation:The solar panel should face the direction with the most sunshine and sunshine.The direction of the solar panel can be adjusted appropriately according to the occlu

    2020/05/21 3

  • Solar LED street light installation spacing and location

    Solar LED street light installation spacing and location:According to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site, in the place where there is no shading on the top of t

    2020/05/21 4

  • The benefits of Led street lights

    The benefits of Led street lights1, The characteristics of the LED street lamp itself - the unidirectional nature of light, no light diffusion, to ensure light efficiency.2. LED street lights have aut

    2020/05/21 8

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