How to choose and install home solar power system 10-3 How are choose solar battery

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How to choose and install home solar power system 10-3  How are choose solar battery

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The function of the battery is to store the electrical energy emitted by the solar panel when there is light, and release it when needed. Solar battery is the application of 'battery' in solar photovoltaic power generation, mainly using lead-acid maintenance-free battery, ordinary lead-acid battery, gel battery and alkaline nickel-cadmium battery. The solar batteries widely used in China are mainly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and gel batteries. These two types of batteries are very suitable for reliable solar power because of their inherent "free" maintenance characteristics and the characteristics of less pollution to the environment. systems, especially unattended workstations.

1. Usually the gel battery is DC12V, you need to choose whether the battery needs to be used in series and parallel according to the solar controller you choose to meet the DC24V 48V 96V requirements of the controller.

2. When choosing a battery, choose a dedicated solar battery. Other power batteries cannot be used in the solar system, otherwise there will be unnecessary losses.

1. Lithium battery:

There is no doubt that it is better than lead-acid batteries in various performances. At present, lithium iron phosphate batteries are common. This battery does not have a memory effect like lead-acid batteries. After more than 1,600 charges, the storage capacity of the battery is still Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the advantages of light weight, large capacity and long service life.

Second, lead-acid batteries:

The electrodes are mainly made of lead and oxides, and the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. In the charged state of the lead-acid battery, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the discharge state, the main component of the positive and negative electrodes is lead sulfate. Due to the memory effect of lead-acid batteries, the storage capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced when it is overlapped more than 500 times.

In general, the advantages of solar lithium battery street lights:

1. Adjustable solar panel holder to maximize light collection;

2. Green environmental protection;

3. The lithium battery is easy to install and directly installed under the solar panel, which is small in size and light in weight to reduce the construction cost;

4. The long service life is 3-5 times that of traditional energy storage lead-acid batteries;